To cope with the great agricultural development in the Kingdom, it was necessary to participate in the existing agricultural renaissance, Where the founder of the company, may God have mercy on him, to work on the establishment of Salman Agriculture to contribute to the progress in the introduction of everything new and evolving in

Al Salman Agriculture was founded in 1982. It was the Kingdom's leading importer of wheat and barley seeds of internationally improved varieties from the United States
Chemical compound fertilizers were imported from the best French companies
For the first time in the Kingdom, Al Salman Agriculture is importing and installing American high-end irrigation systems (Zymatic) ZIMMATIC CENTER PIVOT Silos and grain storage brand (Beetler) BUTLER GRAIN BINS Grain handling equipment (Ugarart) AUGRES HUTCHINSON And grain cleaners GRAIN GLEANER HUTCHINSON
a company (SCAF) America SKAFF MAUUFAC TURING CO To take the German pumps vertical brand SKAFF.
German brand generators were also supplied (Quip) QUEB Different sizes and generators (Dynamo) English brand (Atlant) ATANTA To operate axial irrigation devices and silos
Supply of fertilizers and pesticides (Agricultural fertilizers) INJECTION PUMP.
Supply the best varieties of American fodder seeds (Alfalfa, Sudanese corn) With productivity
Salman Agriculture has the largest stock of axial irrigation equipment parts (Zymatic) Silos and accessories to cover the need for agricultural projects and farmers